About Us

lentog_kudusOur basic intention initially was just blogging. But, maybe as you too, we try to always move forward. We try to, with all of our limitation, give contribution benefiting our self, you, and the wider society, by starting from a little scratch.

To you who has positive curious, whoever you are, hope it will allow you to know more about something useful in our daily life.

Sometimes we think that something interestingly enough to be more deeply understanding. But we don’t know exactly how to get it. On that way to find, we try to make a notes on it. Little by little. If there any new thought crossed, we try to catch it.

Now, internet probably the easiest place to find anything. Here we try to help each other. Some materials in this website, in some case, hopefully match with what you are searching for.

Thank you, hope you enjoy it.

NB : Some narration written in English and some are in Indonesian. We didn’t mean anything but to differentiate, the expectation that it would reach a wider range of reader around the world. We are an Indonesian who would like to promote Indonesia to all the citizen of the world. The other is simply to practicing English.  We’re sorry if there any mistake and wrong places in here and there.

And to my fellows Indonesia around the world, saya hanya mencoba menulis apa yang saya bisa tuliskan. Saya merasa sebagai manusia belajar, oleh sebab itu saya mencoba untuk tidak berhenti belajar dan menuliskannya selagi saya bisa dan sempat. Meskipun tidak semua bisa saya tuliskan, semoga tetap membawa manfaat, setidaknya untuk diri saya pribadi. Terima kasih.



Beware, this world is temporary.
Prepare yourself for the next stage.
Use your intelligent to differentiate.
Every act will asked.