RT 03 RW 08 Purwosari

kudus 012

We live in a place under the authority of RT 03 RW 08 Purwosari. This place are consist of about 35 – 40 families. Our neighborhood has many different background. Some are working in government public services, private business, educational institution and many other business sectors.

The area of this place is about 10.000 m2. We are close with many educational institution like SMA 2 high school, SMK 2 vocational schools, and even a university level educational institution called STIKES Muhammadiyah, which has a specialization in preparing professional medical personnel.

The other public services institution are Regional Health Laboratory (Labkesda) and Community Health Center (Puskesmas)



Beware, this world is temporary.
Prepare yourself for the next stage.
Use your intelligent to differentiate.
Every act will asked.