Halal bi Halal


On Sunday morning, our neighborhood had a Halal bi halal event. What is halal bi halal mean? Maybe you will not find this term in another places. Even in Arabic region, maybe they will confuse about this term. So this term become an indigenous Indonesian term. Halal bi halal is commonly a community gathering intended to forgive each other where it is held in the series of Syawal after Id al Fitr.

In our community, especially in Indonesia, the moment of Id al Fitri is a very special moment. Beside as the celebration after one month of Ramadhan fasting, we usually make that moment as a moment to forgive each other between an individual or within a group. If this gathering is deliberately held to a group of people, this is usually called as halal bi halal. But sometimes this term is commonly used just to forgiving each other in the days of Id al Fitr.

So to an individual, these days are busy days. Sometimes he or she has many halal bi halal meeting, not only to the internal families but also to the neighbor, friends or other communities. Usually it will happen throughout Syawal month. A very interesting cultural event.

In Islam, every human are sinful. We make sins to Allah and we make sins to the other people or other creatures. All the sins must ask to forgiveness. We ask Allah to forgive our sins and also we ask others to forgive our sins to them.

Then after this moment, usually we define ours like as white paper clean from any dirt. We open the new sheet, to write all the goodness.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala give us all the goodness and wipe out our sins. Amin.




Beware, this world is temporary.
Prepare yourself for the next stage.
Use your intelligent to differentiate.
Every act will asked.

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