kudus 024

Starting from a search, proceeded with the search and tipped still in the search and indeed may never lead, until death picked me up.

Often an error occurred before the advent of a new consciousness. Previously the condition of Indonesia in the past, where the occupation which takes about 350 years, I noticed as a very long time. Apparently not, time is relative, depending on how we look. This is a vivid example of relativity.

The history of mankind has taken thousands of years. A very long time. The period in which we are living now is only one part of a long journey of human history.

What is the history?
History in simple terms means something that happened in the past.
In the first school, the lessons of history is often seen as boring lesson, filled with memorizing. Studies were classified as social science history filled with uncertainty / non-exact (if we compare it directly with the other branch of science, the exact science). Actually, the classification of sciences to non exact and exact science, it has also become a boomerang for perspective of a school students, because ultimately led to a gradation in the level of scientific understanding. As if the science that one is superior over the other. Examples of the victim is me.

At the moment we learn non exact science, especially the history, just as the rote tendency is very strong. This makes a lack of understanding of the events recorded (and not recorded) in the history itself. This science has the impression of a relative and subjective science that depends on who, what and when it happened. And because it is relative and subjective earlier, finally emerged the various interpretations, of course its usually dominated by the ‘winners’ in the history of the offender.

And why history is so important?
Even in the Quran as revelation from Allah, most of it is history. How Islam has been introduced and practiced from the Prophet Adam AlaihisSalam up to the Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu Alahi wa Salam as a seal of the prophethood. We take lessons from all of the events written in the Quran as a lesson and the core of a great teachings. And this is the core of God’s first command to Prophet Muhammad Shallallahu Alahi wa Salam : Iqra ‘ (Recite or Read)



Beware, this world is temporary.
Prepare yourself for the next stage.
Use your intelligent to differentiate.
Every act will asked.