Islamic World View


If we admit and accept Islam as a complete way of life, then reasonably enough that we should follow the rules of Islam completely. But in general, sometimes its hard to do. We didn’t implement what it should be. Islam seems like just an attribute to give others a legitimate affairs. Sometimes even violated with what Islam have teach us.

This phenomena is more common now. In many occasion, we split the Islamic view with the other worldly view. Sometime this is not because we didn’t try to follow, but simply because we don’t know.

There are many reason why someone take his or her views about life in general. We all have differences and unique background. Your experience of life will determine what you believe. Its not the same between each person.

Simple definition of world view here is what kind of view he or she has towards any problems in this world. Refer to this then Islamic world view is about how to see any problems in this world by the view of Islam.

The facts that in the last period of time there are other views which have more influential than Islam, it is mainly from the western civilization. Some of them are clearly on the contrary toward Islam. This is not the intent to conflicting both of them, but we have to aware that there are many differentiation between them.




Beware, this world is temporary.
Prepare yourself for the next stage.
Use your intelligent to differentiate.
Every act will asked.