Kudus – The Holy City of Indonesia


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As a little melting pot in the east-north  region of Central Java Indonesia, Kudus has many potential whether in economics, social, cultural and others.

Kudus derive from Arabic word ‘Al Quds’ that mean ‘The Holy’, so we may say Kudus as the Holy city of Indonesia.


You may know Kudus has many attribute name, other well known name is Kudus Kota Kretek, city where many cigarettes kretek has been produced.

Traditionally, Kudus citizen has its religious background. It also used to call Kudus as ‘santri’ city.  Santri is an Islamic term for student of knowledge of Islam, especially in what we call pondok pesantren, a boarding school of Islamic knowledge.

In this case Kudus has 2 wali members of walisongo, who spread Islam in all around the Java at that time. Two of them are Sunan Kudus and Sunan Muria.

What will you find here are dynamic and energetic citizen who active in many business area. If you need to expand your market and need to know any successful business and want to make cooperation with them, be sure you are exactly in the right place.



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