Simpang 7

Simpang 7 Kudus

Simpang 7 Kudus in the evening.

This evening,  I have an opportunity to visit alun-alun Kudus. This place famously called as Simpang 7. The name came from the 7 road conjunction where you can access from here.

Alun-alun is a place that usually became a center of the city. It just like a city park. Traditionally, in concept of nearly every city in Java, as a city center, it usually consist of the alun-alun itself, the goverment place called pendapa, the mosque and the jail in one unity. This is common.

This place has been many times renovated. Because the position is very central and always become a center of attention, recently simpang 7 having some renovation around again. This place become more beautiful and should be enjoyed as a city walk place. Yes it should be, and we are enjoying it too.

Simpang 7 Kudus 2

Some interesting character you ‘ll find there.




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